Insurance Coverage for Roof Repairs


Roof repairs and roof replacements are often covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. Policies typically cover repairs caused by storm damage, wind or falling debris, not normal wear and tear. Beware of extremely low bids. Click the link below to see how lower bids usually cost the homeowner the same amount.
Using Homeowner’s Insurance for Roof Repairs


The Estimate and Fair Market Price

  • The claim paperwork you receive from your insurance company is not a final settlement. It is only an estimate for roof repairs.
  • Choosing a roofing contractor that quotes less than “fair market price” can be extremely risky. Prices that are too good to be true can indicate inferior materials, inexperienced roofers, bad quality work and/or no service after the sale. We have seen many customers get burned by door knockers, storm chasers, and fly-by-night companies. Protect yourself and protect your home by choosing a reputable contractor.  

The Claim Check

  • The first check is usually only enough for your contractor to purchase materials and begin the project. This check may be co-endorsed to your mortgage company. If it is co-endorsed, you will to need to have your mortgage company endorse it and then deposit the check into your own personal account. If your check is not co-endorsed, you can simply deposit it at your bank.
  • Once work is completed, we will submit the proper paperwork needed to your insurance company so that they will release the final portion (depreciation) of payment to you. You’ll receive the first check upon claim approval and the second (final payment) once the work is complete.   


  • Depreciation is money delayed by your insurance company and not paid until the proper paperwork is submitted to prove completion of project. Most policies cover full replacement cost minus your deductible.  Your insurance company may want to do an inspection before releasing the depreciation check.

Supplemental Claims

  • Supplemental claims are sometimes necessary if you are in an environment with rising material and labor costs, such as after a major catastrophe. Insurance companies will often agree to issue a check beyond the original claim to help cover increasing costs.

The Deductible

  • The deductible is the portion of the claim that is not covered by your insurance company. The deductible for your roof may be different from the deductible for other parts of your house, so check your policy to be sure.

Southern Star Can Help!

While you’re responsible for your deductible, Southern Star Roofing will work with you to help you take care of your home. Even if you have a large deductible, we can help you get your roof repaired. Southern Star Roofing will walk you through the claims process step-by-step and handle all of the hard work to make sure your home gets the attention it needs.


We work with all major insurance companies.

  • Southern Star Roofing is used and trusted by many local insurance companies. We work in partnership with most all insurance companies, therefore the list below represents only a portion of the companies we work with.


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